In this page, you may find explanations of permissions requested by RADYO.

RADYO needs your permission for various features. If you are using an original operating system (non-rooted Android device) you are almost already protected from many important threats. However, abilities in Android system may let a bad intended developer collect unnecessary information from your device or abuse the permissions you gave to their application in many disturbing ways.

Many applications need only a few different kinds of permissions when you try to install them. RADYO may request permissions for more then a few things.

As we hate malwares, we created this page to give information about the permissions required in RADYO; so you may use RADYO knowing what it does with the permission you give to it.


External Storage

RADYO may save and read files on your external storage (like SD cards). RADYO uses this permission so that you get benefits of having an SD card.


Full Internet connection and traffic monitoring

RADYO uses Internet connection as it allows you to play radio stations out of your city or country. RADYO has an automated quota control system which stops RADYO when it’s internet usage reaches to the limit you have specified before to help you prevent extra bills.


Diagnostic and system tools

RADYO has to check it’s views and services to operate in a more user friendly way. To be able to do this, RADYO needs access to some diagnostic features of the operating system. RADYO also uses this permission for Alarm Clock feature.



RADYO can install shortcuts to radiostations.



RADYO gets your device information, mixes it up, cuts it and converts it to a special id that can not be converted back to the real information. Afterwards RADYO uses this information to secure your copy of RADYO (license). You can read more about this in privacy policy of RADYO.


Phone Calls and Phone State

RADYO must stop if you start talking with someone and the only way to do this is to request permission from you so RADYO can detect incoming and outgoing calls to stop and automatically start again after conversations. RADYO does not log or use incoming or outgoing phone number/contacts/audio data.


Google Play Store – Billing

RADYO can be further extended by special features which may be purchased seperately. RADYO uses this permission to provide these special features and also to protect your RADYO license. It is not technically possible to make you automatically pay for something or it is not possible to reach your private information. You are going to be notified and your approval is going to be necessary for the actions made with this permission.


If you are suspicious about these permissions, please contact us and let us explain it to you. We respect both to your ideas and the privacy of your information.